Hungary War of Independence (1848-1849) Kossuth notes 10 Forint Banknote

Numismatic information

  • Szabadságharc (1848-1849) Kossuth bankó 10 Forint bankjegy
  • Szabadságharc (1848-1849) Kossuth bankó 10 Forint bankjegy

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Country: Hungary (Europe)
Era:Revolution War of 1848 (1848-1849)
Type: Circulating money
Note: 1848. szeptember 01.
Denomination: 10 Forint
Composition: Banknote
Description: Field Marshal Haynau issued the following Announcement against the counterfeiting of Kossuth banknotes: Announcement. This is to let everyone know that the circulation of so-called "Hungarian Kossuth banknotes" as illegal money is prohibited. Whoever has such illegal money, whether it is owned by a private person or a public fund, will be taken by the nearest cs. k. to the city command, which will be obliged to send the destroyed banknotes to the rural command without delay. Banknotes that have not been handed over within 48 hours of this announcement will not only be seized, but their owner will also be subject to court punishment. At headquarters in Bana, on July 1, 1849. Field Marshal Haynau
Motif: Lajos Kossuth
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